Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gail Patrick: Deco Dame, Part II

"I'm an avid reader of 'Hollywood Dreamland' because it allows me to reflect on the era in which I lived..."

I’ve managed to find some wonderful Gail Patrick photographs lately. The amount of publicity stills--which I'll string along in future entries-- that exist even for her obscure films makes my mouth water! To think of the numerous mysteries, comedies, and westerns that she appeared in during the thirties and forties that *never* get aired on the premium movie channels! The fact that so few of her films are available only stokes the fire of my curiosity! Just how many roles did she play when she wasn’t the bad, “other” woman? The volume of publicity stills also drives home the fact that the studio system was all encompassing in its ability to promote even their second-tier performers. The selection of photographs shows various aspects of the actress' career. I hope to find many more. Enjoy. (click photos for larger view)

"In Character" Gail- From Disbarred (1939) locking horns with co-star Robert Preston. Judging from the IMDB synopsis, Gail's character, "Joan Carroll" is quite the accomplished, strong-willed career woman, even if she is an attorney fronting for a crime syndicate!

Huckster Gail- This 1937 card accompanying Union Tobacco has Gail looking every bit the girl next door--and well put together in some snazzy shoes!

Sultry Gail- from an Argentine press book. "Bellisma", indeed! I don't think that such a smoldering still would get published in an American magazine. It looks (but isn't) pre-Code.

Okay, so I haven't provided detailed analysis of obscure Gail Patrick films, but seeing as they are largely unavailable, I'll just have to will them into being! Here's hoping that Turner Classic Movies will someday dedicate some time to Gail Patrick via one of their "theme of the month" festivals and air some of her obscure films.


  1. The Huckster pic is wonderful! Women back then were something, weren't they?

  2. "I love those shoes..." :)

    Ginger: I thought you would! :)

    "The Huckster pic is wonderful! Women back then were something, weren't they?"

    CosaSocial: Yes. Yes they were.

    Easier to see why I'm obsessed with that era, isn't it? The women make it so much easier to enjoy...


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