Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ginger Rogers' Oscar Moment

Thanks to a tip from Carrie at her excellent blog, Classic Montgomery, I was able to search LIFE magazine's photo archives and found another picture of Ginger Rogers' Oscar win at the 13th Annual Academy Awards in 1941. "The little Rogers gal" looks genuinely moved and in awe of the moment, in what would be the pinnacle of her career.

1941 also marked the first year that Oscar results were kept secret from the press and public until the actual opening of the envelope, so I'm sure that Ginger wasn't acting when she was announced as the winner (for Kitty Foyle). The presenter is stage actress Lynn Fontanne.


  1. It's nice to look back at a time from the Oscars meant more. Rogers' look is grand. For me, Donna Reed accepting her Oscar stands as the best moment. She was like a kid - running up to the stage - and happily accepting the golden man.

  2. I too like the look on her face, but I've always hated that darn, see-throughish dress. ;)

  3. Cosanoir: I have a backstage Oscar pic of Donna Reed with Esther Williams that I'll send your way sometime...

    Ginger Ingenue: I actually liked Rogers' dress, until I saw that it had a peplum! ;)


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