Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Miss Lombard is working hard this Thanksgiving to record your comments.

It's two days before Thanksgiving 2008, and Hollywood Dreamland will be using this valuable vacation time to recharge its blogging batteries, which are surprisingly depleted in this, our first month of existence. For those in the U.S., here's hoping that any forced family "togetherness" will include the viewing of a classic movie.

If you'd like to send your own Thanksgiving wishes, our secretary, Miss Lombard, will be happy to jot down your comments. Just be careful not to startle her, as she's given to flights of Screwball wackiness...


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you. That's a brilliant idea. I'll put on classic movies after dinner and shush anyone who dares try to speak!

  2. Yes, and be sure to shush the offender in an obnoxious manner. And after the tense silence passes, proceed to parrot the movie's dialogue at a volume equal to that of Jo Anne Worley.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving--if possible! ;)

  3. I'll be sure to shush my guests the way Grant 'shushed' Hepburn at the beginning of The Philadelphia Story.


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