Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gail Patrick: Deco Dame, Part III

Let's begin December with the third installment of our continuing tribute to a Hollywood Dreamland favorite, character actress Gail Patrick.

Majestic Gail: Gail in an interesting dress from an undated glamour shot. If she’d worn that dress onscreen, I’m sure many women would have been declaring how much they liked it. Because when an article of clothing appears in a movie, it has to be beautiful, right?

Tearful Gail: Pic taken by the paparazzi during Gail’s divorce from her first husband, Robert Howard Cobb. He and Gail’s union lasted a mere four years, 1936-1940. Cobb was the owner of the legendary Brown Derby restaurant and inventor of the famous Cobb Salad. But since he's upset Gail so much, we know what Mr. Cobb can do with his stinkin' salad, right?

Smart Girl Gail: Here’s a publicity still from an obscure 1935 film, Smart Girl, proof again that Gail had the best eyebrows in Hollywood. Her co-star is Kent Taylor. I’d never heard of him, but he’s got 110 screen appearances and when I scan his filmography, there isn't a single film of his I've seen!


  1. You may never have heard of Kent Taylor (who appeared with Carole Lombard in the campy "White Woman"), but he nonetheless played a key role in American popular culture...well, indirectly. Two young men from Cleveland named Siegel and Shuster used his first name and that of a, um, slightly more famous star of the time to come up with an alter ego for their comic book character -- Clark Kent.

  2. re: Superman- I didn't know that! It seems to me that I should have seen Kent Taylor in one of his many, many appearances on TV Westerns, but he just doesn't look familiar.

    BTW, it's satisfying to know that someone else is reading my periodic Gail Patrick entries. ;)


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