Saturday, February 28, 2009

Susan Hayward on my Mind

Yikes! It just occurred to me that February is on its way out and I haven't posted any Susan Hayward material! I'll admit that other interests have intruded on my Haywardian pursuits, but I plan to remedy that in future entries. The fact that Susan DVDs aren't as plentiful as a star of her caliber deserves. Plus, I don't have cable, which is another hindrance. Anyway, it would seem that Hayward is buzzin' over at the TCM Movie Morlocks blog. Suzidoll wrote a fine piece on the star's 1958 Oscar triumph in I Want to Live! and discusses the performance in superior fashion.


  1. I don't think I'd survive without TCM! How do you do it?
    Since you don't have cable have you been able to see My Foolish Heart? It's my favorite Susan Hayward movie.

  2. Kate: Great news! I'm getting TCM (and cable) back this week!!! The Dark Ages are over!


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