Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Websites Dedicated to One Film

I like movie buffs who are so dedicated to a specific film that they put the effort into making a web site for that particular movie. Today I’d like to spotlight a few of the excellent web sites that have constructed a page in honor of their favorite movie. I’m sticking to Golden and Silver age movies, as films from the last twenty years have significantly more space on the web. If anyone knows of any more sites dedicated to pre-1975 movies and earlier, please let me know. I realize that there is plenty of space on the web for film series (James Bond, Tarzan, Dirty Harry etc.), but the focus here is on specific movies.

Here are four of the best web pages that focus on one film:

Raintree County- I love the film’s music score more than the film itself, but this site makes this average epic much more interesting. The film’s back story is infinitely more arresting than the finished product, with Montgomery Clift’s disfiguring car accident the most memorable incident. There's also plenty of information about the novel and its author's tragic life.

The Sand Pebbles- This was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. The Sand Pebbles site is chock full of vintage stills, articles, programs, and deleted scenes.

The Swimmer- This 1968 movie has a profound effect on many who see it, and the "Frank Perry’s The Swimmer" site is a modest one, but that’s just perfect.

Where Eagles Dare- The 1969 Richard Burton-Clint Eastwood adventure epic, where 1940s women sport 1960s bouffants and fashions has a dedicated following and message board for fans to discuss their favorite WWII action movie.

I've always wanted to have a website with an emphasis on just one film, though it'd be on something like 1967's Tony Rome , far from being a classic, but still among my favorite movies of all time! Plus, I couldn't include it here, because it's technically a series, as it has a sequel, 1968's Lady in Cement!


  1. I've visited that Where Eagles Dare site before, as it's one of my favorite movies, but I didn't know about the others. Thanks for posting about those! I'm particularly interested in checking out the Sand Pebbles one, as not only is it a great movie, but that's one of my favorite Jerry scores.

  2. Hmmmmm, I never thought about this but what a great idea.

  3. I'll definitely have to check those out. Thanks for bringing them to our attention.

  4. I love Where Eagles Dare. Great blog, I've added it to my bloglines.


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