Monday, March 2, 2009

Gail Patrick: Deco Dame, Part VI

The tribute that would not die! March brings another entry in my ongoing Gail Patrick appreication! Part VI is a series of pictures finding Gail looking her absolute best as well as a photo from a film in which she is the lead. The lack of available Gail Patrick starring roles on DVD is frustrating, but all good things to those who least that's what I keep telling myself.

Garbo Gail: This glamour pic finds her in "I vant to be alone" mode. The angst-ridden persona was not a characterization she specialized in, but she sure sells the idea here.

Pulse-Pounding Gail: This is one of the best-looking photos of her I've seen! Looks like a chorus girl get-up; it may be from 1935's Mississippi, a Bing Crosby vehicle which is--you guessed it--unavailable on video.

Long Tall Gail: The statuesque beauty filled those evening gowns as well as any other...

Movie Mag Gail: Gail got her fair share of magazine covers, as her appearance on the September, 1939 issue of Cine-Mundial proves.

King of Alcatraz Gail: Pictured here with Lloyd Nolan, King of Alcatraz (1938) with a plotline not unlike 1935's China Seas, dealing with a pirated freighter. King of Alcatraz marked the film debut of Robert Preston. The future Music Man would also co-star with Gail in 1939's Disbarred.


  1. These are great. I've enjoyed this tribute to Gail. I really know so little about her. It's a shame though.

  2. Oh, she's beautiful. Thanks for the picture's, they're saved to my computer!

  3. lol at "I vant to be alone" mode

    Being obssessively fascinated with Garbo, I have found that that is so true with most, if not all old hollywood actress-- even Bette Davis! But I love the term you came up.

    anyways, I always love being introduced to new facsinating actresses from the art deco period.

    I mean, I remember having never heard of Norma Shearer until I real that Complicated Women book.

  4. I love your Gail Patrick posts.. keep 'em coming!

  5. Oh! Gail Patrick! Do you know, when I first saw My Man Godfrey at the ripe old age of 11, I remember wishing I could BE her! Beautiful and powerful more than a wee bit frightening. :D

  6. She had a slightly Jean Harlow-esque look to her.


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