Monday, March 30, 2009

Movie Blogs I Love, Part I

Professor Henry Hill Says: "Allow me to introduce to you the most fabulous of people and their most amazing blogs!"

I've had the pleasure of following several fine movie blogs in the months since I started Hollywood Dreamland, so I'd like to shamelessly gush over these fellow writers' efforts. They're all excellent writers from whom I've learned much. In no particular order of preference:

Princess Fire & Music- Hard to believe that Caitlin is only twenty. When I was her age, I was a total dope---in my case, some things never change. She, on the other hand, has great insight and appreciation of classic movies, even though she hasn't even been watching all that long. I just wish she'd post more!

Twenty-Four Frames- If I had more patience and analytical skills, Hollywood Dreamland would be more like John Greco's blog. We often have the same interests and coincidentally post them at the same time, like our recent Burt Lancaster entries.

Movie Viewing Girl- Some great discussions in her comments section. Yes, I'm envious...Wendymoon's blog has all-around great presentation and content.

The Movie Projector- I try not to read R.D. Finch's brilliant analyses of film because I feel daunted afterwards. Still, it's excellent reading and thought provoking.

Lolita's Classics- A new blog and it's catching on quickly. She's prolific, enthusiastic, and has a wide range of tastes.

Asleep in New York- Ginger Ingenue is a great writer and her love of Golden Age stalwarts is infectious! Dana Andrews, Cornel Wilde, Gene Tierney, etc. She also takes time to discuss the lesser-known actors of the era.

Classic Hollywood Nerd- Self-depracating title aside, Nicole's blog has made huge improvements, seemingly overnight. Her recent "How Does an Obsession begin?" caught on with many classic movie blogs.

Classic Film Oasis- An oasis, indeed! It's been a pleasure reading Genevieve's work. Classic movies are in good hands there.

Give me the Good old Days- El Brendel? Who's El Brendel? Check out Louie's blog and find out!

All Talking! All Singing! All Dancing!- I've learned more about the pre-Code era from Jonas Nordin's page than from anywhere else. Brilliant stuff.

Cinema Splendor- I like to think that every young person getting interested in classic movies will possess Sarah's love of the era. I know of no greater Natalie Wood fan!

Classic Montgomery- Carrie has a classy site dedicated to this distinguished and dapper 1930s leading man. Bob was overdue for such attention, now he's got it.

Hollywood Heyday- The early days of Hollywood. Day by day. Mesmerizing stuff.

Dear Old Hollywood- Robby Cress is the ghost who haunts old Hollywood's haunts...the lucky guy!

The Dino Lounge- aka Coolness is Timeless. Keith is a pally with a love for all things "Rat Pack", and he covers Dean Martin's movie career with expertise. Go check it out, swingers!

Silents and Talkies- Kate Gabrielle has touched on a novel idea, and is a smashing success! She does drawings of movie stars and they're really good! She's caught on like wildfire!

Dreaming in Black and White- Graciebird is another up and coming blogger with a great style and has a fine new blog, which I recommend without hesitation.

I'll no doubt discover more movie blogs by the time of the next "Movie Blogs I Love" entry, and if I left out anyone, you will be shamelessly plugged in Part II. If I don't, I'll have trouble:

"Trouble, oh we got trouble, Right here in River City! With a capital "T" that rhymes with "P" and that stands for Pool..."


  1. Thanks, I always check out all the blogs in a list like this and end up following a few of them. Like I need more blogs to read.

  2. Thanks C.K. for the blog mention and for turning me on to some other film blogs worth checking out :)

  3. Thank you, C.K.! Your words are very warming. ARe there many bloggers in my age? I'm 21 this year, and you mention a pair of other 20-year olds. Interesting. Perhaps this is leading to a renaissance of old films? You can always hope...

  4. Thank you C.K. for mentioning my blog. Your blog is an amazing thrill to read and I enjoy it greatly. I'm so happy to see so many other fans of old movies.

  5. Haha, couldn't help to mention the "I have unsuspected depth" paraphrase on your profile! I love that line.

  6. Thanks for the kind words about my blog. Yours is definitely a favorite of mine. And since I'm really just "editor" rather than "writer," I want to particularly single out the great writing you do in each of your posts. Always entertaining.

  7. Thank you for the free advertising! ;) Really though, thank you for the kind words and I've now found some new blogs!

  8. at first i want to say that i don't write about old movies or so. in fact, i do, sometimes, but not for english speakers -- not there.

    i found all this surprisily warm blogosphere several months ago. people, you are wonderful. i never felt so satisfied and sure about my passion for cinema.

    mr C. K., thank you for more great blogs i just discovered. oh, and i love to read your blog too.

  9. Thanks for mentioning my blog. I really appreciate that. I've been visiting a couple of these other blogs, but many were new to me. I'll definitely pay them a visit. Cheers!

  10. Thanks for sharing your favorite blogs. Some in there I hadn't seen yet. I'm looking forward to part 2!

  11. Thanks for mentioning my blog! I adore yours so much, it was an honor to see you recognize me :)
    Btw-- I just turned 22, so you can me to the list of young classic film fans :)

  12. Hey, thanks for the shoutout! Your blog was one of the very first ones I discovered and I've enjoyed reading it ever since.

    Its also nice to know that there are so many other young classic films out there!

  13. Thanks for the kind words and plug for 24 Frames. Appreciate it. I also liked knowing that there are so many young people who have an appreiciation of older films. Too often you hear from younger people that they do not watch black & white movies, and the only reason seems to be they are in black & white. They under estimate the beauty and of black & white photograhy.

  14. Honored, C.K.

    Thanks for including me in such wonderful company.

  15. Thanks for the kind words, C.K. Means a lot, coming from a talented blogger like you. :) I'm hoping to start posting more often, but that's kind of up to my professors.

  16. Thanks for the recommendations! A lot of nice sites there, and I'm just beginning to dig into their archives for some good reading.

    Hope you don't mind me tooting my own horn in hopes for inclusion in Part II. I try to do for one actress (Carole Lombard) what Classic Montgomery does for one particular actor (although both of us examine other greats of the classic era as well). I cordially invite everyone to visit my site, "Carole & Co.", at

  17. VP81955: I don't mind at all! You did notice that your site is on the sidebar here, right?

    Part II will include your Carole & Co. as well as the other "big fish" of the classic movie blog pond. In addition to those sites, I'll be including the newer blogs I've discovered.

  18. Thanks, C.K. I've just come off a few harrowing days where David Bret discovered our site and proceeded to attack some of the people who had criticized his books there. If a writer wants to stand up for his work, fine, but some of his comments were strictly below-the-belt (and, sad to say, so were some of the counterattacks). Check out the whole story at


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