Thursday, March 26, 2009

Warner Brothers Archives

Just a reminder that Warner Brothers is opening its archives! Fans will be able to purchase DV-Rs of obscure, previously unavailable Warners' films (like 1934's Men in White) for $19.95 a title and directly from Warners. This is legit, not bootlegs. The movies are said to be remastered and in their correct aspect ratio. There are video samples for those who want to see if the quality is up to snuff. I haven't gone through the entire list, and more are being added, but it looks to be a good idea.


  1. Classic films AND "Yes, Giogrio" all in one location. I wish they would lower the price and allow me to download it myself.

  2. This is certainly interesting but I am holding off my order until I see one in the flesh or read some reviews.

  3. Wow! That's really great news. Hope you've been enjoying your weekend.


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