Monday, April 13, 2009

Taking a Break

It's Spring Break! I need to go and join Ginger by the pool for a little while (I think she's in-between husbands). There are a few entries I'd like to take the time and work on, including one for the Silents and Talkies blog in May. Give me a week or so to recharge and I'll be as good as new. In the meantime, stay cool everyone!


  1. Have a great vaycash, CK! You deserve it :D

  2. Have a great time away. Cheers!

  3. Looking forward to the silent cinema posts but enjoy the break.

  4. So I'm a little late to the party but I just started following this blog and had to this post made me smile and what a great picture of Ginger!

    PS a post about Ginger by CK Dexter Haven (aka Cary Grant)....sigh...right now Im kind of obsessed with these two as a couple. Do you know how many times Ive watched the end of Monkey Business? So cute!


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