Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Movie Blogs I Love, Part II

Back in March I posted a list of my favorite classic movie blogs. Since that time, I've had the pleasure of finding some more. I also want to include ones I inadvertently omitted the last time around! Most every one of these sites can be found on my sidebar, but I'd like to give them the spotlight.

NOTE: There are just so many great classic movie blogs out there that I feel terrible when I post a list like this--however long it may be--and neglect to mention someone's site. So take a look at the sidebar; I'm always adding to it.

Marx Brothers Council of Britain The very latest entry! Hope that cough gets better, Matthew. ;)

Carole & Co. One of the great classic movie sites out there. It's become my morning newspaper because of all its "latest" info on Carole Lombard.

Where Danger Lives A recent discovery for me. Named after a Robert Mitchum movie, this blog covers the Noir era in addition to many obscure 1940s and 1950s films.

Radiation Cinema Sci-Fi and B-Movies get the spotlight. Always a treat and as much fun as the cheesy movies themselves.

She Blogged By Night The blog's author, Stacia, has vinegar running through her veins--and she knows all the bad words! Great reading, with outstanding reviews and insight.

Movie Classics I couldn't help but notice how Wordpress bloggers seem so much more sophisticated than we Blogger dot com folk. Movie Classics is another sparkling example of that Wordpress brilliance.

Classic Maiden Like Kay Francis? Barbara Stanwyck? I sure do. The Maiden is out of Denmark and is a joy to read and learn from.

RetroHound! A collector of seemingly everything, the Hound dedicates a fair amount of space to film reviews, too. Blog The latest news on classic film and TV releases.

Classic Forever A breezy, refreshing blog with music. I make sure to read Millie's latest and so should you. She's also responsible for getting the song "Sometime in the Morning" stuck in my head!

Another Old Movie Blog My most recent discovery. A blog that covers the "classic and not-so classic films of the first half of the twentieth century."

Carole Great source for all things Carole. Great blog, I just hope this and Carole and Co. don't murder each other for Total Carole Blog Supremacy.

Sidewalk Crossings Part writer's diary, part movie blog. Deb's a Jerry Goldsmith fan like me, only more so.

Permission To Kill David covers the spy side of life and he does a great job with his movie reviews as well as spy-themed TV shows and music.

And there you have it. Part II. I'm sure I'll stumble upon more blogs that many of you probably already knew about...


  1. Cough, cough. Cough, cough.
    Sorry, just clearing my throat shamelessly.

  2. Thanks for including "Carole & Co."; I'm honored to be among this fine group of classic film blogs, many of which have become regular destinations for me.

    As for, no, we don't plan to "murder each other for Total Carole Blog Supremacy." (Amusing idea, though; could make a good screwball comedy -- "When Bloggers Run Amok"!) Carla does a sensational job at her site, and we like to think our approaches to Lombard's life and times complement each other.

  3. These are all fabulous blogs, I love this series :D

  4. Thanks for the tip! Great idea. And I ADORE The Marx Brothers Council of Britain!

  5. I was surprised to see my humble little blog on it - am honored!

    There's some great blogs among, including Marx Brothers Council of Britain, that I didn't know of - thanks for the rec's :)

  6. Thanks for including me in your impressive list!

  7. Much better now, thanks. I think I must have inhaled some dust or something....
    The Marx Brothers Council of Britain salutes you!

  8. Oh, WOW, thank you! This is quite an honor to be included.

    And, I'm so sorry for getting the Monkees song stuck in your head...sorta...

  9. Thanks CK. I appreciate the nod. I'll have to cover a few more 'Classics' for you!


  10. Aw, thanks for the inclusion! And I love finding new blogs to check out, so thanks for all the recommendations!

  11. no no no!!!! Now I have more classic movie blogs to follow! there goes another half hour or more of my day, every day.
    A classics fan, who misses Law School films at the U of C; the movie theater in Palo Alto that showed classics, the Coolidge Corner in Boston that showed old movies..... I want a big screen not a tv.

  12. I already check out a few of these, but I'll have to visit the rest. Great looking list. Have a good weekend.

  13. Thank you very much for mentioning my little blog! I've been feeling a bit guilty that I haven't updated my site for a while, so will have to do so soon. I'll enjoy exploring the blogs you've mentioned - and I definitely admire Hollywood Dreamland.

  14. movieclassics: I've missed you! :)

  15. Awesome resource, C.K... being new to the blogosphere, I've found some great sites through your links here and have included them among my own links as well. It's amazing how much stuff is out on the 'net.

  16. C.K. Dexter Haven: Thanks a lot for including my blog! I am glad you like it and proud to be in such company. -- Mykal


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