Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Ginger Rogers They Come To See

Back in February, I posted a Ginger Rogers photo where she's wearing that beyond-gorgeous dress from Swing Time. That entry was done during a moment of exaltation, as I had just finished watching that movie for the eleventeenth time this year and everything about the film was a cause for celebration: the songs, the dance numbers, Ginger, and of course "THE Dress." Four months later, that post remains Hollywood Dreamland's most-landed-on entry, while "Ginger Rogers Dress" is by far the most-searched term in this not-very-busy blog (average visit time: zero seconds). I guess her wardrobe from those Astaire-Rogers movies still inspires a sense of awe some seventy years later. Speaking of dresses/gowns/female clothing-- the picture above is of Ginger in Shall We Dance.

By the way, two other commonly-searched terms that people use to find themselves here are: "Husband and Wife Detectives", which I consider a personal victory, as I'm obsessed with the genre, and the other, which is amusing considering that what they're looking for isn't here:

"Gloria Grahame Nude"


  1. So is there a picture of Gloria Grahame in the buff?

    It's very interesting to see what search terms lead people to a blog. I wonder how many end up staying around?

  2. That is a great photo.

    I'm curious to know too know if there are any photos of Gloria in the nude.

  3. Of those who publicly follow my blog, only a handful choose to comment. If people are content just to read, that's fine, too; no pressure!

    There may be a few more who follow anonymously, but I really don't know. I average roughly the same numbers every day, so it must be the same people most of the time. However, over the Memorial Day weekend, my traffic doubled. The Eleanor Parker entry was googled a lot, as her films were aired on TCM during that time.

    If there are any G.G. photos in the buff, they won't be posted here; I gotta keep my "PG" rating! ;) Still, I get a degree of satisfaction knowing that her charisma and looks still gets the boys panting...I guarantee you if Grahame were in her prime today, she'd own Hollywood!

  4. For my part, I imagine I'd be disappointed by seeing GG in her B-day suit. That's the wonderful thing about the world of classic films and the Hollywood studio system — everything is idealized, from the hair down to the shoes. Let's not even mention the lighting. I can't say how many times I've been disappointed to see an actress I adore (Veronica Lake, for example) whose looks are diminished to me when I see her in color. Nudity would likely be worse. It's too easy these days to see any kind of woman in any desired state of undress. I'll keep these women on their pedestals.

  5. C. K.,

    How do you determine readers' search terns?

  6. Java: If you use as a site meter, they have a category listed on the right side of the page where the statistics are called "Keyword Analysis" and "Recent Keyword Activity."

  7. Ginger Rogers is always a treat, no matter what she's wearing, but the dress in the photo shown is gorgeous, as is its model. Thanks for sharing.



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