Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Surprising Joan Bennett

One pleasant surprise we as young(ish) classic movie fans receive is the "shocking" revelation that Golden Age movie stars were actually young once! Every generation since the baby boomers were initially introduced to beloved performers through perpetually-running TV programs from our childhood or these days-- DVD, since 99% of classic shows just aren't shown on television anymore. Anyway, we grow accustomed to seeing an actor in a certain period of their careers and then after years of seeing that one era of their onscreen lives, we get a shock at finding their young, beautiful selves. Years ago, I got this kind of shock upon seeing Barbara Stanwyck in Ball of Fire. Prior to that, I had known her only as "Miss Barbara Stanwyck" from the TV western, The Big Valley. So, this pleasant surprise theme continues as I marvel at the above photograph of Joan Bennett. I half-jokingly referred to her in the previous post as "Mrs. Banks" from Father of the Bride because Miss Bennett was such a thrill to behold in this picture. Although she wasn't exactly ancient (age 39) as Kay Banks' (Elizabeth Taylor) mother. If I had to guess her age in the lovely photo now, I'd venture to say--22. What a beauty!


  1. Wow, she is so young there! I know her mostly from "We're No Angels" where she's still gorgeous. I need to check out more of her movies, and her sister.

  2. Have you ever seen her in (I think this is the title?) Brown Eyes w/Cary Grant? She plays a real wise-cracking dame, it was a fantastic film!

  3. *gg* My mother had the same reaction to Barbara Stanwyck & Fred MacMurray when we watched Double Indemnity for the first time.


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