Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gene Tierney, Behind the Scenes

Looks like I'm making this week Gene Tierney Appreciation Week! This photograph amazes me because Tierney is off screen with her hair up and still she looks like the Silver Screen Goddess that she always was. I've seen several of her films and watched the A&E Biography episode on her, Gene Tierney: A Shattered Portrait, but have yet to read up on her often miserable life and times. The documentary is available on the wonderful Laura DVD, which contains more extras than a single disc could possibly hold. As for Tierney's life, it turned out to be a happy ending of sorts for the tormented legend, but what a rough road she had to travel. Just when I thought all you beautiful people had it so easy...I've added Gene's official website to the sidebar, too.


  1. What a lovely picture-- thanks for sharing.

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  3. I always wanted to learn more about Gene Tierney. She had one of those faces that stops you in your tracks.




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