Friday, August 21, 2009

Gail Patrick, Deco Dame: Part IX

It's been too long, and since this is the tribute that would not die, I submit to you another chapter of this blog's unofficial icon, Gail Patrick.

Amazing Gail: One of the best pictures I've seen of her.

Early-30s Gail: She looks about 23 here. Nice!

"Love Crazy" Gail: Based on her dress, I'm guessing this is a promo from 1941.

Exotic Gail: I have a few in this series, where Gail looks "ethnic." Which role could this be?


  1. love it love it love it.
    I bought a picture of Gail at an antique show last month that once belonged to her. Here it is:

  2. You lucky duck! That's a swell picture you have there...


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