Monday, September 14, 2009

The Gary Cooper Postage Stamp

I was pleased to learn that Hollywood Dreamland favorite Gary Cooper has received a United Staes Postage stamp. I'm also pleased to see that it's the more mature Coop, from the period when he did For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943) and The Fountainhead (1949). By the mid-1940s Cooper had become an American institution, and this other institution, the United States Postal Service, has done a fine job in honoring him. I know many people like to bash the post office, but more often than not they get my packages to me in much better shape than their competition.

The stamp looks great, though I noticed that the price has been cancelled out; so much for the belief that people are "basically good"!


  1. I really like that stamp and it is indeed the right photo they've chosen.

  2. I'm glad they didn't pick a picture from after his plastic surgery, though! He looked so freaky.

  3. Very nice stamp! I have the same question - when does it come out? I want to get a sheet soon!


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