Monday, November 30, 2009

Poll Results: The Sound of Music (1965)

The Sound of Music 27 (57%)
The King and I 8 (17%)
Oklahoma! 5 (10%)
Flower Drum Song 3 (6%)
South Pacific 2 (4%)
Carousel 1 (2%)
State Fair 1 (2%)

Was anyone really surprised? I wasn't. Julie Andrews treated the competition to a real rear-end kicking as her The Sound of Music thrashed the other Rodgers and Hammerstein adaptations. Yul and Deborah tried to muscle in on the nun and her kids, but had to settle for a distant second place. I was disappointed that South Pacific didn't fare better because it has so many great songs in it. Carousel must've been hampered by there being two versions of the film made at the same time! The next poll is already up and it's one many of you will like to mull over.


  1. I missed this poll but I actually would have voted for King & I. Of course I love the "Sound of Music" and Julie Andrews but "King & I" is just more part of my childhood. I also adore Yul Brynner in that film.

  2. I don't vote on these things but my preference for a musical is based on the total strength of the songs, and my pick would've been SOUTH PACIFIC. I also make a habit of looking at Mitzi Gaynor as long as possible!

  3. My vote was for South Pacific. :-D I agree that is has the best/strongest songs, and I also adore the setting, story, and actors in this one.

  4. I didn't catch the poll vote either but as one whose not extremely keen on musicals (I have a few favorites), the only two I really like on the poll were the first and last, Sound of Music (always uplifting) and State Fair (huge Jeanne Crain fan here).

  5. Like Carousal There Are Two Versions Of Oklahoma.

  6. I'm a Carousel & South Pacific fan. Apparently, I'm one of those rare people who DON'T like Sound of Music. The cast is good, I don't like the songs so much.


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