Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TCM's Thin Man Marathon

Turner Classic Movies (USA) will have a New Year's Eve Thin Man Marathon beginning @ 8pm (EST) on Thursday, December 31! I'm always happy to spend some time with the Charles family, and since Hollywood Dreamland is approaching the shocking conclusion to its own series of "reviews", it's a happy coincidence that TCM is airing all of the films. For those of you who haven't seen all--or any--of these wonderful movies, New Year's Eve would be a fine time to kick back amid your own personal boozery and enjoy Nick and Nora's alcohol-fueled adventures. The Thin Man series is an appropriate choice since Nick and Nora are the premiere tipplers in all of movieland. Even if you're out and about, you can always record the marathon and later use it to nurse your own hangover.

Meanwhile, I hope to have the post completed for After the Thin Man later this week; there's more to chatter about with the first two Thin Mans...

UPDATE: Amazon.com currently has the Complete Thin Man Collection DVD set for a measly $23.39!!! (12/31/09: Price is back to $47)


  1. Oooo . . Love the Thin Man films. Thanks for the headsup about the marathon!

  2. Thanks for letting us know about the marathon. I had no clue. I'll definitely have to try to catch some of them. I love those films.

  3. Now that is cool. Get sauced while watching Nick & Nora do the same :0)

  4. Just did an entry on the marathon at "Carole & Co." -- with links to your comments on each specific film. You did a superlative job.



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