Saturday, January 16, 2010

Never Refuse an Award II: Electric Boogaloo

J.C. Loophole of The Shelf has awarded Hollywood Dreamland with the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thanks, J.C! Now, since HD is not an island, we're going to follow the rules of being a good neighbor (thank and link to your bestower--done) and then list seven things about yourself that others might find interesting. Then, pass the Kreativ Blogger award on to seven worthy blogs.

So here we go:
Seven "Interesting" Things about me:

1. I didn't eat my first peanut butter and jelly sandwich until I was 21. I just thought the combination was disgusting. I like them fine now.

2. Every time I post a comment on someone else's blog, I want to use the security word as a sign-off battle cry. "Enduri"!

3. My all-time favorite music recording is The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings, 1961 by the Bill Evans Trio.

4. I never worry about important stuff, but the little everyday things send me into a tizzy. Killers after me? No problem! Creased spine on a book? It's the end of the world!

5. In 1979, after severe flooding in Miami, the neighborhood kids and I "hitched rides" on slow-moving cars making their way through the knee-high water by hanging on to their rear bumper.

6. I'm obsesssed with people dying just before historical events. Pauline Kael and Troy Donahue died a week before the September 11 attacks and Dick Powell and Jack Carson died the same day in 1963 and never knew about the Kennedy assassination. It torments me!

7. One of my very best movie-watching experiences was when I was up all night sick with a cold. At 2am, The Wild Bunch was on cable and I enjoyed every moment of it watching it from the couch in the dark, despite being congested, feverish, and just plain unpleasant. For some reason, the movie and its imagery fit the mood perfectly.

And now I bestow the Kreativ Blogger award on the following seven worthy blogs (imagine Archie Bell and the Drells Tighten Up playing as this takes place):

Dave at
Goodfella's Movie Blog

VP at Carole and Co.

Carrie at Classic Montgomery

Harley at Dreaming in Black and White

Zoe Walker at The Big Parade

Trixie at That's Just Stupid What You Said (She won't know how to handle the fame)

Millie at Classic Forever (She will)


  1. I LOVED your facts! Laughed out loud at this one: 2. Every time I post a comment on someone else's blog, I want to use the security word as a sign off battle cry. "Enduri"!


  2. Haha, this was a fun read! Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are yummy! I used to bring them to school, everybody laughed at me. "What America wannabe are you, seriously?" But it's so tasty!
    About people dying before historical events (weird fascination, but I guess I have worse...): how about Groucho dying three days before Elvis was found in his bathroom? I seriously think we missed out on a legendary Groucho comment on that.


  3. Fun answers! Congrats on the award - you deserve it! I totally agree with your book spine comment. That is one of my all time pet peeves. No one seems to understand how irritating it can be though :)

  4. Thank you soooo much! :-D I was seriously have a bad day. Not anymore!

    Ahaha! My computer saves as history all the security words, and I'm always waiting for one to be reused. Once one was, and I started screaming for my brothers to come down and see this "amazingness"...haha!

    Gosh, watching movies when you're sick. I totally understand that. I usually end up thinking that the actors looks EXACTLY like my friends/family! ;-D

    Thanks again!


  5. Great list! Especially number 4 which I understand completely. By the way my son ate a peanut butter & jelly sandwich every single day for lunch from kindergarten through the end of 5th grade!

    Thanks! :)

  6. haha very interesting! and funny LOL facts.
    Thanks a million for passing the award to me, amongst so many other great blogs. :)
    wonder Bar

  7. Congratulations! I love #2. I think that I will now think of that every time. Shireate!

  8. Congrats on your award...and thanks for praising "Carole & Co."

  9. Congrats on the award! What does one have to do to get one of those? Now am jealous! i wont one too : (

    Great blog by the way : )


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