Saturday, January 2, 2010

Searching for The Thin Man

In checking the (meager) visitor stats for the blog, it was nice to see that TCM's Thin Man Marathon inspired people to look up the movies and its stars. A popular search term was "Myrna Loy's Thin Man Outfits", so it leaves me hopeful that today's audiences can still be bowled over by a seventy-five year-old film. The dress pictured above is Myrna's greatest. It's not up to the level of Ginger Rogers' Swing Time dress, but it certainly places second. I hope TCM's marathon gives them enough confidence to air the "Fast" films (Fast Company; Fast and Loose; Fast and Furious) along with Star of Midnight and The Ex-Mrs. Bradford. I know that I'd be pleased as punch to sit still for that brief time in Heaven!


  1. That was me searching that term - I'm obsessed. I would certainly like some Myrn Thin Man outfits. I also adore her lulu of an evening gown from this picture. I think she's dressed even better or at least equally as good in After the Thin Man. Would love to see Star of Midnight again, and The Ex. Mrs Bradford, ditto.

  2. As I sat enjoying the marathon on NYE I checked google trends and was very happy to see Thin Man, Myrna Loy and William Powell made it to the top searches. My only disappointment was while the movies and Loy were in the top 15, Powell was the #88 search term.
    Gentlemen, this man is the embodiment of substance, style, wit and sophistication. Pay attention!
    So glad to see other love these films.
    You have a wonderful site. Thanks.

  3. I completely agree - I love this dress! I'm pretty sure I was one of those people searching that phrase on google images. Great post!

  4. Not many people are aware of this, but at roughly the first anniversary of ex-wife Carole Lombard's death, Bill Powell and wife Diana Lewis teamed up to play Joseph and Maria Tura in a little-heard radio adaptation of "To Be Or Not To Be." To learn more about it -- with a link to where you can hear it online -- go to

    Now that the plug is over, let me concur with the earlier comment about Mr. Powell. He is the man I wish I could emulate...class, style, wit and oh, that voice!

  5. Love that dress. And just why the heck isn't The Ex Mrs Bradford on DVD? It's a crime.

    CK, I was wondering (and I am not sure if you have ever mentioned it though I don't believe you have) if you have seen a Michael Caine film from the early 70s called Pulp? I don't care for him as much I do for the other great actors in the film, which include Lizabeth Scott, Lionel Stander and Mickey Rooney. Haven't seen it yet but I am hoping it's good. I picked it up on DVD at a dollar store of all places.

  6. C.K. Dexter Haven (I just love typing that name!),
    I am with you on The Ex-Mrs. Bradford. I haven't seen that film in years (though TCM showed it this past year and I missed it). It's Jean Arthur just before she let loose with all her great comedy performances. BTW, Loy is grand too.

    Rupert@Classic Movies Digest

  7. I see TCM will be showing Star of Midnight in late March - at least, it's currently on their schedule.


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