Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Favorite Actresses, #7: Gail Patrick

First Movie I Saw Her In: My Man Godfrey (1936)

Three Favorite Movies: My Man Godfrey (1936); Stage Door (1937); Love Crazy (1941);

Honorable Mention: My Favorite Wife (1940)

Favorite Performance: Love Crazy (1941)

Why I Like Her: Okay, so this entry's a bit of a cheat. However, anyone who still reads this blog knows how I feel about Gail Patrick. In fact, I've written so much about her here in the Deco Dame series that another entry extolling this amazing woman's virtues would be repetitous. So, we direct you to this entry, which was originally written for the Silents and Talkies blog last Summer (thanks again, Kate!). It should also be mentioned that Gail Patrick is the only non-leading lady (though she did have a few) to make the top ten list. If I had more access to her films she would no doubt be higher up in the ranking. A biography would be nice, too.

One thing I'd like to add, though, is upon reflection, Gail is the one actress that first made me realize how great that 1930s era was for movies and for women performers. No decade produced such a varied field of brilliant actresses, wise-cracking dames, and godesses of beauty, wit, and intelligence. When you read Gail Patrick's biography you'll get to know about one of the great examples of the "strong woman" in real life, as well as on the screen.


  1. I think she is absolutely beautiful and has a wonderful presence on screen. My Man Godfrey is one of my favourite films.

  2. I adore Gail Patrick. She almost steals My Man Godfrey from Carole Lombard. I love her in Love Crazy when she's teasing William Powell -- a different take on the stereotype of the old girlfriend.

  3. I love My Man Godfrey! Gail is so infuriating and wonderful in that picture! I am glad to know she wrote a bio-I'll be looking for it!

  4. Lesley Ann: To the best of my knowledge, Gail did not write her autobiography. She's certainly interesting enough to warrant a bio, though. She figures prominently in Jon Tuska's 1976 book "The Detective in Hollywood", where he interviewed her at length about her involvement in the "Perry Mason" TV show.

  5. Thank you for clarifying about the bio-I misread and thought she had written one. I hate that many of my favorite actors/actresses do not have an autobiography/biography about them, but someone like Tori Spelling does!

  6. I have always loved Gail Patrick.

  7. This actress has for a long time been on my very short list of Holliwood's best. And, I think it is because of William Powell. The actor brings the best out of his co-stars in films. Then, I also realize, Gail Patrick was just as good in lesser liked films.


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