Thursday, March 4, 2010

Poll Results: Bringing Up Baby

The voters decided by a landslide that their favorite 1930s performance by Katharine Hepburn is 1938's Bringing Up Baby, easily beating out second-place Holiday (my personal favorite) by twenty-four votes. Of the 83 votes cast:

Bringing Up Baby 43 (51%)

Holiday 19 (22%)
Stage Door 10 (12%)
Little Women 4 (4%)
Alice Adams 3 (3%)
Morning Glory 2 (2%)
Sylvia Scarlett 2 (2%)

It's not surprising that Kate's role as madcap heiress Susan Vance won so easily. It's Hepburn's definitive comic performance. Her mastery of Howard Hawks' rapidfire dialogue is hilarious and yet it's not nearly as rat-a-tat-tat as the director's His Girl Friday, which would follow this film two years later and is, for my money, The Mother of All Rapidfire-Dialogue Movies.

What was surprising was the lack of support for Alice Adams, one of Hepburn's greatest performances no matter which decade, and Morning Glory, her first Oscar winning turn.


  1. I actually have not seen Alice Adams yet but Bringing up Baby is one of my absolute favorite films. I think both Cary & Katharine are wonderful in it. I can watch it a million times and never get tired of it. :D

    Although I do like Holiday a lot too.

  2. I prefer Holiday to Bringing Up Baby myself. But I guess the people have spoken. :-)

  3. I actually need to see the rest of this film! I saw a bit, stopped as i was going out somewhere and then completely forgot to watch the rest! I loved the bit that i watched though, so thanks for reminding me :) xx

  4. I vote for the "Baby," of course.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the high quality of "Alice Adams." I bought the disk but haven't seen the film yet.

  5. My all time favourite, together with His Girl Friday, no matter how often I watch it, it's as fresh and exciting as the first time I saw it. Apart from one of the most brilliant comic duets of classic cinema, this high comedy masterpiece features splendid walk-on actors, not to mention equally talented George (Asta)!

    Ordinary comedians make you laugh at them, masters like Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn make you laugh with them.

    Overall, it's like a symphony played by an orchestra made up of virtuoso soloists.
    Balm for a weary soul.

  6. I'd also like to point out the great performance by Charles Ruggles, who was superb as Major, Applegate.

    Asta had a great rapport with Cary Grant in The Awful Truth; perhaps even better than his brilliance with William Powell! :o

  7. am in agreement with the result

  8. Greetings :) I am catching up on commenting back and saw the comment you left on my page :) I'm delighted to hear that you are a Smiths fan! This Charming Man, has got to be one of my absolute favorite Smiths songs..brings back many great memories. Thank you for stopping by! and btw, I love your blog. It is really coming in handy, as I am taking a 1930s/1940s film class =D


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