Friday, March 19, 2010

Scenes I Love: The Thin Man (1934)

In The Thin Man, there's a wonderful scene that takes place during Nick and Nora's Christmas party and where Nora (Myrna Loy) sports that gorgeous, I-wish-women-today-dressed-up dress. The sequence has Mrs. Charles entering the bedroom of their swank NYC hotel and finding husband Nick (William Powell) and the comely young Dorothy Wynant (Maureen O'Sullivan) arrives to see Nick and admit to shooting Julia Wolf. The young lady falls into Nick's arms and as our favorite gentleman detective consoles her, who but Nora would enter the room and see her husband embracing another woman. Nick responds in his typically playful way:

So how does Mrs. Charles react to this? Well, seeing as their relationship is among the best ever depicted on film, the ever-cool Nora responds with her usual panache:

I love that! Using no dialogue whatsoever, our two stars convey everything about their successful marriage. Nora knows darn well that Nick wouldn't stray, and Nick knows he's playing up the suavity for which he's known. He knows that she knows that there's no hanky panky going on but she still gives him "heck" for being in such a position.

One would be hard pressed to think of many films that depict a loving, playful, and vibrant relationship at its peak. Most movies depict the beginning or twilight of a married couple but Nick and Nora are among the elite couples that are enjoying themselves in the middle of their relationship. Once again, The Thin Man gives yet another reason why it's my all-time favorite film. By the way, I believe I "nicked" this blog post concept from Ginger Ingenue over at Asleep in New York, so credit and royalties all go to her...


  1. One of my favorites! That film is full of such wonderful playfulness. And that dress! *swoon*

  2. That scene is one of my favorites too! I love how there's not even a second of "worry" from her :)

  3. I wonder if there exists any modern woman who feels that safe.

  4. This picture is great! I love how the relationship between man and woman is depicted. Powell and Loy are such great comedians!

  5. You hit the nail on the head with your analysis of this scene. It too, is one of my favorites out of a series of films I love (some more than others, of course) but I love the ease and playfulness of it too. If I happen to be watching it on TCM I invariably rewind it on the DVR to watch it at least twice.


  6. one of my faves - they were quite a charismatic pair


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