Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Even Weary Bloggers Need a Break

It's off to Walt Disney World! The weather's due to be grand--the Disney Company has an exclusive deal with Mother Nature--and yours truly will drop his pretentious worldly sophistication and enjoy the Disneyfied creations that the Magic Kingdom offers. Please stop by and say hi! I'll be the adult-looking fellow crying because I'm cranky from the heat or upset that my wife won't let me have that eight-foot stuffed Pluto toy. Perhaps I'll have a nostalgia-fueled nervous breakdown in what's left of Tomorrowland since most everything I loved from it is in the Disney equivalent of Boot Hill. Ah, the whiff of diesel in our world of tomorrow...I also hope not to suffer from too much Johnny Depp Envy when riding my favorite attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean, which has been crassly co-opted blessed with the addition of Johnny's delightful visage.

Over the last week or so I've been studiously examining various past Walt Disney World guide maps from The Florida Project. This excellent site has scans of several WDW guide maps, making it possible for the deluded and bitter Disney fan to fret and harrumph over the many ill-advised changes that've been made over the years. Whether it be the destruction of a perpetually-broken down attraction (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) or an altered shop (Disneyana and Mickey's Mart), the olde maps are--to quote Barry Fitzgerald--sure to bring a tear to your eye. So after my blogging batteries are recharged from this trip, you can bet that I'll feel like a hundred Pesos again, ready to prattle on and on and on about Hollywood's Golden Age...


  1. I didn't know you were going to WDW too! I leave on Friday for Florida but will be at WDW from Sunday to the following Friday. I'm sure we won't be there at the same time but when we get back we'll have to trade Disney tips and stories!

  2. Didn't they change your submarine ride into Nemo too? It's still just as claustrophobic as the original!

    I saw in a Disneyland movie that they used to have "real" mermaids sitting out in the middle of the water but guys kept trying to swim out to them.

    I don't mind the inclusion of the always lovely Mr Depp (even in animatronic form). Just don't get me started on when they Tim Burtonize the Haunted Mansion! SIGH.

    Have a great time! Post pictures! HA! :P

  3. SassyGinger: I'll leave a "hello" note on the back of the POTC water fountain, since it's in the shade and thus the water remains cold when one refills their water bottle! See? Tons of WDW advice from a seasoned vet! ;)

    Trixie: "My" sub ride was 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea until it closed in 1994. It was always broken down! I only got to ride it my very first time at the park (Jan 1980)!

    20K later became Mickey's Starland/Mickey's Toon Town etc. I almost never stop by Fantasyland anymore. :(

    I hope to make it to Disneyland someday. :)

  4. Wow you maybe more of a Disney expert than me...never thought of that even though I go twice a year every year (my parents own DVC @ Boardwalk).

    Dexter: Did you hear theyre refurbing Fantasyland? I'm sure you did...what do you think?

  5. I'm jealous! I hope to get there after Fantasyland is redone. Are you staying in a Disney resort? Choosing is always so hard (grin). Have a wonderful time!!!!

    Best wishes,

  6. We had a fine time! It also marks the first time that I felt nauseous while in the Tea Cups! I felt bad immediately and wa in a cold sweat afterwards!

    We also played detective and sought out defunct restaurant and shop locations--the things we do for fun--based on old WDW guide maps. My memory has become foggy with age, so I'll have to subscribe to the "first thought, best thought" method of remembering things.

    We didn't stay at a resort, but when the Monorail took us to the park, it took a route we'd never gone on before, so we had stops at the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian resorts! My wife and I decided that for our 15th wedding anniversary---that's in 2013--we'll stay at the Contemporary, as it'll be a childhood dream come true; we're thrilled about the prospect.


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