Saturday, May 22, 2010

Golden Age Comic Strip: Steve Canyon

Okay, 1947 is a bit outside the Golden Age, but how's this for a 1940s pin up? The sketch is a preliminary drawing for the Steve Canyon comic strip, which was created by artist/writer Milton Caniff. Caniff (1907-1988), whose nickname was "The Rembrandt of the Comic Strip" because of his influential inking style, began the Steve Canyon comic strip in 1947 because he wanted complete ownership of the property. His previous creation, Terry and the Pirates, was a popular comic through the 1930s and made Caniff a household name. Caniff wrote and drew Steve Canyon for forty-one years. The strip ended with his death in 1988. However, the comics have been reprinted in multiple volumes and are widely available.

The illustration was based on Gary Cooper, whose long, lean fame served as the inspiration to the thoughtful, patriotic man of action, Steve Canyon.

Another element of the comic was Caniff's various female villains. Glamorous, dangerous, and attractive, a "Caniff Woman" like Copper Calhoun was a wondrous creation, indeed.


  1. Love the Steve Canyon TV show - they just restored it and have been releasing it on DVD.

  2. Your coolness grows and grows! :)

    I've been a Canyon fan since 1983, when I stumbled upon the magazine that reproduced his adventures. While I like Canyon's air force days, I prefer the earlier strips when he was a cargo pilot for hire. It's all great stuff, though.

  3. What are you gonna do? (About having your blog ripped off?)

  4. That is really cool. I had never seen that before. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. I love the 1940's. This was a fun post. My husband has quite the vintage comic collection. I would post on it but he won't even let me hold a comic. He has a special sealed case for each one. I love the 1940's comics. They are really cool.


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