Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Katharine Hepburn's Birthday

Today, May 12, marks what would've been Katharine Hepburn's 103rd birthday. I didn't have a proper post planned as the date caught me by surprise, but I couldn't let the day go by without acknowledging my favorite actress' birthday, could I?


  1. she was a amazing and beautiful actress

  2. I appreciate it, Ger, that you've now chosen Kate as your idol. Her philosophy is totally opposite to your "old friends" there:,+Dresden&st=nyt

    I'm absolutely sure that Kate has much more friends in the world, than all those guys have in Dresden. And you'll find friends much easier yourself, if you're rather a friend of Kate's philosophy.

    Therefore ...
    Congratulation, Ger!

  3. The US Postal Service will have a stamp honoring Kate later this year. Buy a bunch!

  4. Happy Birthday Great Kate! If I remember correctly, didn't she change her birthday according to some records?

  5. Of course you couldn't! Congrats, a little late, Miss Hepburn!


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