Thursday, July 1, 2010

Linda Darnell: Lost in Time

It's hard to believe that I've only seen one Linda Darnell movie, Fallen Angel (1945). She's certainly great looking and not a melodramatic sort by any stretch. I grew up knowing who she was because my movie-loving grandmother was quite a fan of her. And my grandmother, ever the cheery optimist, never failed to mention Darnell's tragic early death in a 1965 house fire. So, with that happy story in mind, I need to explore Darnell's work, a project that very well might collapse if I learn that she appeared in nothing but empty-headed costume epics and crapola "historical dramas."

Darnell, as she appeared in Fallen Angel did a number on my brain because her Stella character came across as both hardened working girl and a fleeting wisp which nobody could possess. It's easy to see how Eric Stanton (Dana Andrews)--or any man-- could go koo-koo for her.

Speaking of Fallen Angel, there's a massive spoiler-filled rundown of the film over here. It makes anything I might write here redundant, but that won't stop yours truly from attempting a future review, using "newly developed" screencap technology.

Ethnic Linda: Made up to look like a foreign and "exotic" peasant girl.

Nice photo of Darnell with US serviceman, looking fresh-faced like a (dream) girl next door.

Most women don't dress like this anymore...


  1. Thanks for posting those great pictures! I love Linda Darnell. She is so often overlooked.

  2. Oh she is adorable! Love the photo of her at the table. She looks like a real girl not an actress and love those stylish bangs

  3. Love Linda Darnell! My fav film with her is Letter to Three Wives.

  4. CK:

    It is hard to believe. Many an actress would envy a career that included:

    Preston Sturges’s / Unfaithfully Yours
    Joseph Mankiewicz’s / A Letter to Three Wives
    John Ford’s / My Darling Clementine
    John Brahm’s / Hangover Square
    Rene Clair’s / It Happened Tomorrow

    I omitted some costume dramas that I find worthy, given your hesitancy. Best wishes.


  5. One of the most beautiful women ever to have existed. No matter how shallow the movie is, the sheer sight of such a woman is an aesthetic experience.
    Specimens like her (both male and female) aren't born any more.
    Can you picture most modern women with their yoke like shoulders dressed like this ?

  6. I need to see more of her films as well. She was beautiful!

  7. Turns out I've seen "Clementine" and "Letter to Wives", but it was long ago enough that it doesn't count! It's been about twelve years.

  8. Hi there, I’m celebrating my post #100 and I’m going to upload a special-classic-actor-related-thing if someone answers correctly the question I posted. Wanna participate?
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    ps: Linda Darnell was a great actress. My fave film from her is "A letter to three wives".

  9. I absolutely love Linda Darnell. I liked IT HAPPENED TOMORROW, directed by Rene Clair (I MARRIED A WITCH), so much that after seeing it on TV I bought the DVD. And THE MARK OF ZORRO (1940) is one of my all-time favorite movies. Enjoy exploring more of her films!

    Best wishes,


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