Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Word from Our Sponsor(s) II

Oops! I forgot to include these ads with the last post--Blogger is still unwieldy to me--and these I've had on my hard drive for years! Here's Ginger Rogers again, hawking makeup and that perennial, third-place cola, Royal Crown! I'd buy RC if it were ever available! I seem to dimly recall it being in the soda machine at the Whiting Hall public swimming pool (along with Frosty root beer) back in 1980, but haven't seen it in machines since. Anyway, Ginger Rogers must've done scores of advertising because she's by far the actress I've seen in these things. I'll have to peruse my Taschen books' All-American Ads: the '40s for more examples. If you've never seen these giant, full-color books filled with vintage ads, then seek them out immediately! I believe the '40s edition is out of print, but the 1930s volume is still around.

Hey, it's my old love Gail Patrick! Gail, ever the sophisticate, is plugging for Rogers Bros. silverware here in 1947. This would be near the end of Gail's film career and she would go on to beat the men at their own game as a producer. Does the TV show Perry Mason ring a bell?


  1. Aaah, the sexy bitch Gail! Probably one of the more sophisticated sell-outs, I must say! When I looked up ads that Basil Rathbone did I was not as pleased... Peanut butter? Shredded wheat? Turkish cigarettes?

  2. I love the last one!!! Gail was so cute =) and so was Ginger, thanks for sharing!

  3. I *love* those Taschen ad books -- I have the '40s, '50s, and '60s.

    Best wishes,

  4. These are great. I always love seeing vintage ads.

    I remember drinking a lot of RC Cola back when I was a kid.

  5. C.K. Dexter Have said:
    the 1930s volume is still around

    I'm after this like crazy, but I was told it's out of stock at TASCHEN (funny enough this is a German publisher). Now I ordered it via Amazon. I'll have to pay more now, but I need that book!

    Thank you for that information, Dexter!

  6. Well, I guess Ginger Rogers did well, to buy a 1936 Dogde, as Shirley Temple's parents did, to get their daughter safely to the studio, which is pretty convincing, BUT ...

    ... nonetheless I crushed on the 1936 Studebaker Coupe! The most beautiful car I've ever seen!!

    Well, if one needs a real family car, the 1936 Packard 12 might be the right bargain - meant for 7 persons (I guess you get even more in there).

    Whatever, I go for Studebaker and deep red is just alright with me. I should be able to scrape $ 640 together, though I'm afraid this is quite a lot of money in 1936.

    "S t u d e b a k e r - smart to be seen it ... smarter to buy."*

    * I tried to google that nice slogan out, but nothing happened. Please everybody buy that book, so we can dispute which is the best and most beautiful car!

    S T U D E B A K E R

    ♥s i g h !♥

  7. word-verification: "carimmi"

    That is good!

    Heaven gives me a sign already and tomorrow I have a deep red 1936 Studebaker Coupe on our backyard - and the keys are in my mailbox - hehehe!


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