Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back from London!

Had a swellegant, elegant time in London even if I wasn't able to stay as long as I wanted and see as much as I'd have liked. Still, I had a tremendous time there--great weather, too--and was actually sad about coming home! I'm exhausted from jet lag but wanted to touch base again, as it's been awhile.

As for Golden Age of Hollywood-related things, the Victoria & Albert Museum--do go if you get the chance--had a Grace Kelly exhibition entitled Grace Kelly: Style Icon, which runs until September 26. My wife loved this and I know many HD readers will, too.


  1. Glad you had a swellegant time! (great word)

  2. Sounds fabulous! Glad you had a great trip, and welcome back!


    Glad you had a great time

    I'm going in two years no matter what

    Welcome home :)

  4. Welcome back! I love London, and the V&A, especially!


  5. Sas: I'd love to take credit for "Swellegant", but it comes from High Society. :)

    DKoren: Thanks! I wish I could've stayed longer, though!

    Trixie: London is hosting the Olympics in 2012; better book well in advance!

    Kendra: Hey! The V&A is amazing...we spent six hours there and still didn't see everything!

  6. How wonderful! I enjoyed an exhibit of Princess Diana's gowns at the V&A last year...would sure love to see that Kelly exhibit!

    There is so much to see and do in London -- hope you will post more about it. Welcome home!

    Best wishes,

  7. The V&A is wonderful, I'm so glad that you enjoyed your trip, and even more glad that our weather held out for you! Hope you post more about your trip!

  8. Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra sang...
    "What a swell party, swell party, swellegant, elegant party this is!"

    I love High Society - after pondering it over and over I must say: more than the Philadelphia Story. The term "swellegant" might have been created for the Crosby/Sinatra duet - I never heard this in the 30s. Well, it sounds nicely and I like it in a way. But one little problem I have to admit yet:

    SWELL is a spontaneous expression in the 30s and reminds me a bit of the modern "cool",* although it has much more heart than the rather cold "cool". I love it, if it has a smell of youth language, or at least language of young adults. But in "High Society" my beloved expression SWELL smells a bit too much of establishment - even stuffy, square. It isn't as fresh, young and crazy any longer as in the golden 30s.

    This is a bit sad. Isn't it?

    * Wherever people say "cool" I prefer to say "swell".

  9. Modern dictionary said...
    "Swell [dated], ..."

    Pshaw, what do I care? 1940 is future to me!

    This one is still up to date for 30s' issues:
    www.Webster's Dictionary 1951

  10. Laura: I like how the V&A bookshop changes to reflect its current exhibitions; the shop and the museum are fantastic places to lose yourself in all that history. We spent six hours at the V&A and that still wasn't long enough!

    Clarissa: I'm all about "dated"! :D If it were possible, I'd blog on carbon paper!

  11. Stefanie: It only rained on Saturday afternoon (Aug 7) though Tuesday the tenth was a rainy day all 'round; but I didn't go to London for the weather, which was magnificent 98% of the time. :)


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