Monday, August 16, 2010

The Ex-Mrs Bradford on DVD

The Warner Brothers Archive has come through once again, as on August 10th, they released a DVD on demand of Columbia Pictures' 1936 mystery-comedy, The Ex-Mrs. Bradford. The film, a Thin Man take off starring William Powell and Jean Arthur, was reviewed here in these very pages last August. I didn't exactly love the movie but most any film in what I call the Husband and Wife Detective genre is well worth seeing.


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    I would appreciate it if you would change the link to my site to the new URL so that your readers will have access to my new posts.

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  2. What a surprise!

    As Jean Arthur later studied biology - and Jean loved bugs very much - she might have something to object herself. Are the spiders in this film really Black Widows? Besides these spiders aren't as dangerous as the film tells us - it just hurts very much after being bitten and you might have a few circulation problems.

    But I don't consider this too essential, the whole film is parody anyway. I like "The Ex-Mrs. Bradford" very much and I had an issue on that myself:

    In our discussion we came to the conclusion, this was an extraordinarily sassy Jean.

    Thanks for the release tip, Dexter!


    P.S.: Just read something on Japanese GIANT HORNETS: These are really dangerous!


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