Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Katharine Hepburn Day on TCM

Turner Classic Movie's Summer Under the Stars is an addiction! They've earmarked August 20 as Katharine Hepburn's day and on top of that, they're playing many films from my favorite Kate era, the '30s and '40s! I've already reviewed Kate's performances in several of these movies and I'm long overdo in my review of Without Love (1945) (airs @10PM EST), which will hopefully be ready by the end of this month.
I also love the special graphics that TCM puts on their website. Let's hope the snazzy images snare unsuspecting youngsters and they're swept up into classic film.


  1. I'm excited about that too! But I noticed that they are showing some of her less well received films - Christopher Strong, Spitfire (I think). Why not show the stuff we all want to see? I guess they are later - Bringing Up Baby and Philadelphia Story back to back woohoo!

  2. Very prettily spoken, Dexter!

    Partly we all do work here to "snare unsuspecting youngsters", don't we? After all our community has to grow, in order to convince the big companies, that it pays to release more classic movies.* What I like about the classic film blog community is the great cooperation. The blogs are well linked among one another. It's like living in a small town, where people know each other.

    I need to see more films with Kate, because I like her intellectual flair. This is the reason why I prefer HOLIDAY - it breathes the typically critical 30s attitude (opposite to the 50s McCarthy era).

    But I know there's much more to discover for me ...


    * A good reason not to copy DVDs!

  3. I've seen all of the films they aired that day. But of course I had to watch Without Love, All About Me, and Bringing Up Baby again. I LOVED it. Hepburn all day was great. Betty Bacall is coming up this week too!


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