Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Stars Than There are in the Heavens

This is the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer alumni, circa 1944. Look at who's there! Kate Hepburn doesn't look too happy to be there. Robert Benchley's on the far right, third row; he'd be dead by the end of 1945. James Stewart's in his Army Air Force uniform and would be "playing soldier" for real. There are few notables missing, and it'd be more challenging to see who isn't there!


  1. Awesome! That's just marvellous! Kind of: I-want-that-as-a-poster- great! :")

  2. ...this is a killer pic...I have an 'anniversary' issue of LIFE from the 80s, and it had this one in it... neat to 'analyze' all the folks present, and the ones who are not for whatever reason... wish RKO would have done something like this in the mid-30's (may have for all I know)... not nearly as MANY as MGM had, but would have been pretty neat.

    Thanks for the pic, CK!


  3. Elizabeth Taylor, Clark Gable (off to war), Robert Montgomery (also serving), and a few others are also absent.

  4. There are a few different versions of this shot. And in each, the stars are posed slightly differently. And Hepburn looks fine in them. Not unhappy. As THIS version shows, Bull had a hard time getting them all to look in the same direction and smile for the camera, and it likely recorded some of them in an off moment. Max Hare

  5. Wow this is a fantastic photo, so many gorgeous talented people in one room, I think it's too much for me!!

  6. ohh wow! Hepburn looks beautiful as always. Where is G. Rogers? Wasn't she under MGM in the 40's? What about Joan Crawford or Rita Hayworth? LOVE the pic though. It would be great if RKO did this for the 30's. *sigh* if only!

  7. Judy: I dunno...Kate looks pretty sour apples to me in this shot...she wasn't so big on publicity and promotions and all that rot, and she's *definitely* looking displeased here. :D

  8. Hepburn definitely doesn't look happy in that shot. I am not impressed with her sock/shoe combination. (Sorry)

    What a great photo though and wow those clothes - well most of em

    Trixie - the fashion obsessed

  9. Katherine? I'd guess her facial expression shows kind of protest. Her clothes show the same - the real Kate: Not ready to adjust to the usual chic in Hollywood. I know that attitude and I like it - Jean Arthur was that way too (she wore tennis shoes).

    I like people who go their own way - this shows character!

    Wait a minute: Do I actually see William Powell (behind Kate, in the dark suit)?


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