Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Comment for the Archives

One of the best things about blogging is when someone comments on what you've written. 99% of the time it's something complimentary or encouraging, though it's often a way of plugging one's own site, which is how I've discovered many of the fine blogs I follow. However, every once in awhile there are comments left that amuse for all the wrong reasons. In June 2010, I posted the somewhat contentious opinion in Elizabeth Taylor: The Shrillness of You. There were some great comments left on that entry, but none more amusing and to the point than this most recent one:

"Elizabeth Taylor is one of the greatest actresses that has ever lived, and the films of Liz you claim to despise are a bunch of the greatest films made in Hollywood. I think you are a fucking ignorant idiot with no real taste."

Of course, I had to print that one! And of course, the person who left that comment had a private profile and no blog of their own, so they risked nothing in terms of their own blog. I'm amazed, but not surprised, at how fanatical classic movie fans can be about their idols. I've never understood how someone could be offended or insulted by someone else's viewpoint. I remember being equally taken aback when discovering that Judy Garland fans despise Mel Tormé because he wrote a tell-all book about his time on Garland's early '60s TV show; people should just stop with the blind hero worship.

So the question is: have you ever received a "strongly worded" rebuttal to something you've blogged about that crossed the line into the realm of personal attack?


  1. Not yet - but I live in hope. They're great fun. You should be proud of that one!

  2. Well I've tried to make statements designed to get some comments, but people just aren't motivated enough to comment.

    BTW, are you following my 50 Greatest Movies that I'm doing this year? (shameless plug for my own site)

  3. Ah yes, some "dude" with a self-proclaimed blog to ignite people's reaction somehow found my blog post about plus size corsetry and such and left some comment about fat pigs in bathing suits. I went to his blog to complain and realized that doing so would most likely provide fodder for his stupidity so I left it alone.Some people are just looking for a fight.

    That is why I don't allow anonymous comments and require a captha and moderation.

  4. Matthew: I doubt it'll ever happen to you; you're entirely too nice!

    Robert: There's no such thing as "shameless" promotion, outside of spam, that is.

    Tart: I don't allow anonymous comments, either, but the person who posted had nothing to follow on their profile.

  5. So the question is: have you ever received a "strongly worded" rebuttal to something you've blogged about that crossed the line into the realm of personal attack?

    Can't say I have (though if I have, I've mercifully forgotten about it). Perhaps it helps that the main subject of my community is Carole Lombard, one of the most liked personalities of classic Hollywood, even by people who may not have been enamored of her as an actress. Moreover, I've tried to keep "Carole & Co." on the high road; there are a number of stars I personally have little taste or interest for, but I also recognize these people have their fans, and I refuse to belittle anyone for their favorites.

    About the closest I came was in the spring of 2009, when I criticized an author who evidently hadn't done his homework when it came to the subjects of his Hollywood books. He and several others got involved in some nasty name-calling and other below-the-belt stuff among the several dozen comments I received. About the only criticism I gave of him was his lack of research (and giving himself five-star ratings at, not his personal life or such.

  6. This post sucks and your blog is rubbish. This must be the stupidest thing I've ever read.

    (You don't call me nice and get away with it.)

  7. That comment wouldn't have lived too long on my blog. I would delete it right away. I wouldn't even read it completely: Just until "I think you are a f..." -- the expression "ignorant idiot" would never pass my visual nerve into the brain.

    I have some comments on my blog that I definitely dislike, but those are written in a civilized tone, so I would never delete them. But my blog is not a dumpster for ugly minds, to offload their smelling junk.

    All nasty people who love to write ugly comments, would just waste a few minutes of their life. But I never got something like this on Blogspot yet. Wait a minute, I'll have to trash SHANE one day (there's no other way): Maybe I'll get something to delete afterwards, because some cowhand gets angry....

    Well, on WordPress the spam-rate is higher. I actually get nothing but spam there: 16 comments until now, all deleted -- no chance. One of them might have been written in a nut-house. The rest linked to pages in order to sell something -- above all drugs. No chance, people -- kicked them all into the trashcan.

    Not my personal feelings are the reason, it's just to keep civilization upright on my blog. I am living in the 30s and not in stone age. Weird stuff can't hurt my feelings, those guys actually hurt their own souls -- dehumanizing themselves.

    P.S.: Will it go on soon here, with more of your swellest stuff?

  8. Oh, I forgot the second point:

    Should one love an actress or actor, so it's more than just being entertained via medium classic movie?

    Personally I find just enjoying films insufficient. To me it's also a question of moral. Yes I'm very much a moralizing film reviewer. It is simply important to me, in order to find watching films useful. The question of the meaning of life is alway in the center. What is right, what is wrong? Sometimes I can't decide, but quite often I do judge.

    As I think I'm responsible for my own education, I avoid actresses who may have a bad influence on me. I don't believe "bad girls get anywhere (while the good ones just to heaven)" -- I believe in goodness. And that's the way I choose my favorite actresses. Because you CAN be influenced by a negative film character, if you see that all the time. Good example: Marilyn Monroe -- I don't want to be a victim, as she was, therefore I refuse her role. I'm afraid it's dangerous to identify with her. And personally I don't want to present myself cheaply as an artist.

    I began to love Ginger Rogers when I was quite young and started tap dancing. But she is a positive type too and still deserves my love.

    With Jean Arthur it was completely different. She struck me at once when I saw her the first time. And it was like meeting the first human I could completely understand (which I can't say regarding to Ginger). So you see, there was no other way than to love her.

    Interestingly Jean disliked Marlene Dietrich. And even more interestingly I disliked Dietrich before I knew Jean. So it isn't just: I dislike because I love Jean. Their philosophies are really opposite to each other and there was no other way to decide for me.

    And all this is because I am a person who always takes decisions. I can't be indifferent.

  9. I run a songwriting contest, and sometimes write reviews about songs from other as you can imagine I've had my fair share of negative comments. :p

  10. Welp, I've never had anyone 'trash' anything on a G-ology post - but I am generally not too 'controversial'...think the only person we ever put through the ringer was Mark Sandrich, and heck, I even did a 'reverse psychology' post on HIM...which was one of the most 'provoking' comment threads G-ology has seen. Well, the five gooberhead VKM hubbies get a lot of grief as well, but I haven't seen too many blogs dedicated to any of them, so...
    Of course I feel, like anyone, that certain actors/actresses are overrated, and don't really understand the 'attraction'... but I just kinda like to 'accentuate the positive - eliminate the negative'... and I know there are folks out there who are fans of whoever... and Lord knows, there's enough negative stuff out there to be found. If someone did trash Ginger, or whatever else, as long as it is not 'crass' in nature, it would be fine...everyone is entitled to their opinion.
    And as far as post 'tones' go, opinions are really what it's all about, right? So stay true to yourself, C.K. (as well as all other bloggers out there), ...anyone who begs to differ may do so, or simply stay away.
    ...and as a 'capper', I won't even go into my feelings regarding Kate Hepburn... :-] joking, JOKING!!!

    KIG, y'all!

  11. Normally, I refrain from posting about performers I don't care for, but Taylor made such a strong case for what I don't like about old Hollywood, that I just had to discuss it. In re-reading that Taylor entry, there's nothing I wrote that could be deemed a personal attack or dislike of the woman herself. I merely pointed out what I thought of her films and performances.

    The only other nasty remark this blog received was one I didn't publish. It was some guy saying some really distasteful things about John Wayne. It was profane yet funny, but I just couldn't publish that here.

  12. I had the opportunity to show subtextually, what "nice" to us nicely old-fashioned people actually means.


    We don't want to offend anybody -- do we? We just feel differently. I usually try hard to be nice.

    This article is very nice, Dexter. And all those occurring provocations make it even nicer: Very, very interesting to study how communication works -- or fails.

  13. many years ago, when i was just getting my feet wet in the interwebs, i left a slightly snarky comment at a youtube video. the owner had a video about his old car and had labelled it the wrong year. i wrote something like, "it's too bad you don't know what year your car is." i admit, that had a soupcon of snark in it. he then visited my youtube site where he found one video i've uploaded, a montage of footage of my mother and it's labelled as such. he gets me back by commenting, "who's the whore in the video."

    i deleted it and learned a valuable online lesson.


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