Friday, June 17, 2011

Guess the Actor!

Here's your clue...the answer will be posted in the comments section of this post:

He was the only actor in Hollywood who posed for more mug shots than publicity photos. The day his mother killed herself in 1960, [] was arrested for breaking down a woman's door and assaulting her boyfriend.

His off-screen antics also continued, and in 1948 he served three months for breaking a student's jaw. Throughout the 1950s, he faced a string of charges from kicking a policeman while drunk and disorderly to hitting a waiter in the face with a sugar-bowl and attempting to choke the life out of a cab driver."

Hint: It ain't Shia Leboeuf!


  1. Maybe Lawrence Tierney? he was notorious for his bad behavior and violence.

  2. Is this the "lovely" Lawrence Tierney (who scares me so much I cannot even watch him in movies)?! haha

  3. Hooray - It's film noir tough guy Lawrence Tierney!

  4. C.K., I suspected the answer was Lawrence Tierney but have to admit I confirmed it by checking IMDb, where the sugar bowl and cab driver incidents are referred to. Apparently he was as scary offscreen as he was onscreen. I'll never forget him as Sam Wild in "Raw Deal," and as I recall, in the past you have also referred to this character.

  5. That was easy, I know! But Tierney's rap sheet was so frighteningly impressive that I had to give it space here.

    BTW, Tierney never, ever mellowed! On the set of Star Trek: The Next Generation, when Tierney guest starred in an early season episode (playing "Cyrus Redblock", a nod to Sydney Greenstreet), he jokingly(?) berated TNG co-star Wil "Stand By Me" Wheaton with some questions at the then-teenaged Wheaton's manliness.

  6. Checked back to see how many guessed it. I remember Tierney in that "Star Trek" episode, the hommage to "The Maltese Falcon." BTW, I should have said Tierney played Sam Wild in "Born to Kill" of course!


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