Monday, September 26, 2011

Corey Stoll's Midnight In Paris Transformation

Please pardon my obsession with this movie, but one of the best aspects of Midnight In Paris is its vivid recreation of 1920s artistic luminaries like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Salvador Dali, and Luis Buñuel is the tremendous performance of the heretofore unknown to me Corey Stoll. His take on Ernest Hemingway is rendered with affection and humor, and it's clear that writer-director Woody Allen admires the More-Macho-Than-Anyone-Else-in-Human-History author a great deal.

In doing some quick research on Corey Stoll, I was surprised to learn that he wore a wig for Midnight In Paris and even more impressive, how his demeanor is totally unlike the legend he plays in the movie. I guess that's why they call it acting.


  1. You might want to check out "The Moderns". Not the world's most fabulous movie, but deals with a similar subject - expat Americans in Paris in the 1920s. It's art-directed up the wazoo!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, Martin.

    PBS did a documentary last year called Paris- The Luminous Years: The Making of the Modern which would make a nice primer for those maybe not familiar with these 1920s artists.

  3. i am obsessed with Midnight in Paris. i am an art history major so i have studied the Lost Generation and the expatriates extensively. i had such a fabulous time seeing the artists that were portrayed and knowing who they were. the story is just fabulous and creative. i like the idea of a golden age how everyone has a time in history they would love to live to escape their own time. keep posting about this movie i am right with you on the love!!!

  4. Moviefreak: Welcome to the ranks of the annointed! ;) I'm glad to learn you suffer from the "MIP" affliction!

    I've always said that Hollywood spends billions of dollars to keep me from going to the movies, but only Woody Allen could bring me back. MIP was the first film in years that I paid to see more than once.

    Midnight In Paris has resonated with me like no other movie has in recent memory. I guess it's charms work in many different ways: 1)It's Woody Allen working effectively again 2) It's 1920s heroes of mine 3) It's Paris. 4) It's the Golden Age of sorts. The 1920s and silent films are two things I've long wanted to explore and a new movie oddly works as a key to getting started.

  5. You obsessed? :)

    That doesn't even look like the same guy!

  6. This movie was a dream come true for all classic film lovers (and Woody Allen fans). It has it all, is beautifully done, and really gave the experience of going to a beautiful, old fashioned film. Woody hit it out of the park and we are all so grateful!

  7. You're right, FlickChick; it is beautifully done.

    Midnight In Paris is playing at a (sort of) nearby dollar movie theater, so it looks like I'll be going to see it again!

  8. Believe it or not, I haven't seen it yet!
    I missed it in the theaters, & I don't think that the DVD is out.


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