Saturday, December 24, 2011

"If anyone says 'Merry Christmas' once more, I'll kill 'em."

Merry Christmas to everyone from all of me us here at Hollywood Dreamland!


  1. ...somehow I resemble that remark on occasion, C.K.! Just when it gets a bit 'taxing', tho, it's over.

    Well, hope ya had a Christmas to your liking, 'merry' or otherwise... and the forthcoming new year is a prosperous one for ya and all the good folk(s) at H.D.!!!


  2. Oh, we're not in Pre-Lent yet, so it's still Christmas. ;o)

    Merry Christmas! :oD

    What, what what? Does the official liturgical year confuse our beloved fellow Americans? Those who always really must stress, we're a Christian country?

    Well, my season starts with First Sunday in Advent and not with black Friday. It starts with Advent, then follows Christmas Eve (also very nice), then the day of Christ's birth (nice to sing Christmas chorals on 25th).... and wait a minute: there's still upcoming January 5, a very nice day in Christmas season! Remember? Three wise men coming to Christ's birthplace. I'm very much looking forward to that.....

  3. By the way:

    Wish ya a HAPPY NEW YEAR 1912, Dexter!

  4. Tsk Tsk
    Did you mean Happy Holidays?

  5. You don't seem to be churchy, Trixie: liturgical we're even NOW still in the Christmas season.

  6. I reject christmas and its greedy overwhelming message of greed. Im not churchy, I just live in California where you cant say Christmas for fear of offending someone so I like to pretend to be one of the group. Mostly I just like to harass mr dreamland. He ignores me anyway. :)

  7. Oh sorry, I was taught girls who call themselves Retro Housewifes would be homeschooled by a southern Baptist institution. Stephanie Miller says in San Francisco they're walking naked in the streets. I'd like to see that once, but cannot fly. :>(

    In things Christmas I was taught, this rather was an occupy thing than a greed thing: they occupied the old shed in Bethlehem for Jesus who later became a revolutionary.

  8. Oh that is too much! The Occupiers are just copying old ideas. Nothing is new anymore.

    Let's be honest, I've moved past the Retro Housewife thing, Baptist raised or not. I just can't figure out how to change the title

  9. Right! Already during stone age: Occupy the cave -- what a bore!

    Pleasant people are rare. I just saw one -- really a pleasant guy:

  10. Aww, he is my favorite type of person

  11. Merry Christmas & thanks for your visit & comment!

  12. In March? Thanks, Paul! LOL

    BTW, my comments are strictly made on an unconditional basis, but I always welcome comments here. :)


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