Monday, February 20, 2012

Calling All Sailors!

Oops! Not a sailor! (or even a veteran at all). Sorry, Duke...I still admire the heck outta ya, though!


  1. Great photos, CK! Ah, the good old days..... Even I can recognize them :)
    Here's a link to "share buttons":

  2. Oh what great shots! So handsome!

  3. I like John Wayne too -- above all in El Dorado. I even like his 30s Lone Star films. There's a 1948 film where he finally ends up as peaceful Quaker, throwing his gun away. I have forgotten the title, but love that film very much, cuz the story is so cute.

    Blogger changed something: You can't subscribe via email anymore, which means: commentators don't get emails if they get answers. As I feel, this is a strong argument for embedding, because you still have the subscription mode then.

  4. Clarissa: I used to have the embedded instead of the window, but last year there was a Blogger glitch where it wouldn't submit the remark no matter how many times one entered the spambot-prevention word or whatever it wa called. I'll switch it back to embedded and see how it works.

    BTW, that John Wayne movie is 1947's Angel and the Badman, which co-starred the gorgeous but tragic Gail Russell. For some reason, the film is ideal for late-night viewing.

    1. Ideal for late-night viewing? Because afterwards you sleep more peacefully?

      Embedding includes direct reply now too, which is very practical. But I still wonder why they canceled the subscribe mode if you don't embed.

  5. "Ideal for late-night viewing? Because afterwards you sleep more peacefully?"

    I almost never sleep peacefully, so the time spent watching an old movie late at night is as relaxed as I'm going to get.

  6. Excelente as fotos da juventude de nossos heróis famosos. E adorei a foto do "banner" do inicio do blog,ficou realmente muito bonita.Grande abraço.

  7. Great pictures! Since I was a little kid I remember watching John Wayne's and Paul Newman's movies with my dad. I just had so many great memories seeing those photos! You made my day!

  8. Thanks for the visit, CK!
    I hope that all is well with you.

  9. How have you been? This blog is just as entertaining as your defunct one




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