Friday, May 4, 2012

Star of Midnight to DVD!

The Warner Archive continues to impress on the Husband and Wife Detective front, as the newest release is 1935's Star of Midnight.  I've already reviewed this film in somewhat nauseating fashion, but my enthusiasm for the Husband and Wife Detective genre glows anew with the announcement of this release.  Unfortunately for our classic film-loving friends living outside the United States, the Warner Archive only ships within the U.S.

From the three-minute video sample the WB site provides, Star of Midnight looks to be another quality release from the "DVD on Demand" series.  Now if they'd just get to releasing the "Fast" series...


  1. I too am patiently waiting for the "Fast" series. I'd like a nickel for each time I've watched "Fast and Loose". (Montgomery and Russell are my favorites) However, I've never seen the other two movies and would love to.

  2. Glad to see a new post from you!

  3. ...good to see more Gingery stuff available on DVD! I can't quite figure out why they can't do 'made-to-order' DVDs for ALL regions...the region thing reeks, IMHO...I know WHY they have it, but, dang... if someone's serious about 'bootlegging' or whatever, they'll just get different recorders for each region...

    but, yes, this movie was a neat 'whodunnit'... Ginger's character reminds me a bit of Honey Hale in 'Rio'...a bit 'ditzy', but with enough street smarts to be sassy and confident. And, of course, ANYTHING with William Powell rocks...he's really one of my fave actors... but yeah, it's a bit weird w/o Nora there... oh, and not to be technical and all, but (forgive me, I'm an engineer...) - these two weren't married until the last scene.

    Keep on rollin, C.K.!!!

    And, as always...KIG!


  4. Hi Huey, I know you already posted this news, but I didn't find out until yesterday! As for the "Husband and Wife" tag, yes you are correct in that the characters weren't married, but I said that in the first paragraph of my original review of the film (linked above):

    "It should be noted that Powell and Rogers technically do not play husband and wife, though they are soon to be married...

  5. Great post, C.K., I missed the publication date somehow. I love the poster art.
    I've never heard of that movie but it sounds like one that I'd love!
    Thanks for your visit.


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